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Patients Caution Lawmakers About Role of Pain Medications

Patients caution lawmakers about role of pain medications
By Colleen Quinn State House News Service BOSTON — People coping with chronic pain cautioned lawmakers, looking for solutions to opiate-addiction problems, not to make pain medications so difficult to obtain that those who truly need them
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Are doctors to blame for opiate addiction epidemic? CDC reports doctors are a leading source of opioids for high-risk …
LOS ANGELES, April 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — One of the most common misconceptions about men and women who abuse prescription opioid drugs is that they get those drugs from friends or relatives. Now, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed alarming new evidence that those at highest risk of opioid overdose are just as likely to obtain opiate drugs from …
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You Can Get Any Drug You Want, Where You Want' – Recovering Addict

You can get any drug you want, where you want' – recovering addict
Service-users testing positive for opiates have usually taken tramadol, a strong opiate-based painkiller, often from a family member's unfinished course of prescribed medication. “People tell their GP of aches and pains, knowing full well they're not …
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Dog's Eye View: Relevancy — What Makes Training Work for You and Your Dog

Dog's Eye View: Relevancy — What makes training work for you and your dog
Share this Email, Facebook, Twitter; Discuss Comment. Advertisement. I was at a dog obedience training seminar about 30 years ago that was presented by Milo Pearsall, an American Kennel Club obedience trial judge who also was a well known trainer and …
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Drunk Adults Arrested With 3-Year-Old In Car
William Lewallen. William Lewallen was arrested after Tulsa police found his 18-month-old daughter locked in a metal dog cage, his naked 4-year old daughter outside on a cold afternoon and him asleep in a drug or alcohol induced stupor. … Parents …
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How Many Days Does It Take to Withdrawl From Opiet Abuse?

Question by jamis: how many days does it take to withdrawl from opiet abuse?
loracet 3-5 a day

Best answer:

Answer by Rebecca Jane
You will always have cravings but the detox will take several days and is very dangerous. The degree depending on how heavy into the opiates you were.

Also, to be completely honest with you, the best way to deal with it is to move and start a whole new life with different routines away from any of the fellow abusers that you may have run with in the past.

If you are not willing to put yourself into a program right off(which you should eventually no matter how cured you believe yourself to be) you should try to get yourself a sponser or at least a new clean PATIENT friend who will be there for you to turn to in the case of temptations or just moral support in general. Be very careful in choosing this confidant. Many people believe a former abuser to be the best sponser, but sometimes that person could be tempted into relapse along with you, which supports you the opposite way.

Suboxone: A Double-Edged Sword

Suboxone: A Double-Edged Sword
… her job if she sought help at a detox center. Then Gemma came across Suboxone while trolling the Internet for a way out. She dialed the hotline and set up a consultation at my office. … of buprenorphine (the opioid in Suboxone) made without …
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Diabetic Alert Dog Training Videos – Part 1

Diabetic Alert Dog Training Videos – Part 1 – Learn how to train a dog to recognise and alert to the scent of Low Blood Sugar and High Blood Sugar.

Bergen County Sheriff's Office graduates 13 dogs and their handlers [video]
Odin, a 3-year-old German Shepherd, posed for photos at his Canine Training Academy graduation ceremony Friday morning, glued to his handler's side with his tongue hanging out, the flashbulbs reflecting off his dark eyes. K9 officer, Marcelo Hagopian …

Police Dog Helps With Search For Dispensary Break-In Suspects
Two men have been detained in possible connection to an earlier marijuana dispensary break-in overnight, thanks in part to the efforts of a police canine. Police had been searching a neighborhood just south of Red Rock Canyon Open Space since 3:15 a.m. …
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