A Poet Mines Memories of Drug Addiction

A Poet Mines Memories of Drug Addiction
It described how he — a heroin addict with white, middle-class roots — was let off by the police with a warning inside an East Harlem tenement while his would-be connection, a Puerto Rican ex-con, was stripped, arrested and clubbed. He recounted the …
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François Sagan: 'She did what she wanted'
Whisky, cocaine and a gambling addiction had been her companions in success, eventually joined during her personal and professional decline by heroin, yet another drain on rapidly diminishing resources. The flicker of a revival came in 1984 when she …
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Star staff proves worth as award finalists
Nick's entry was his series, “Heroin in Marion: Recovering from Addiction.” Nick has been relentless in his reporting on … James has been tapped in the Best Photographer category, Best Sports Photo and Best Photo Essay. Bill is a finalist in the Best …
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