A Suburban Teen Saw the Sparkle of 'Edie' — but Not the Pain

A Suburban Teen Saw The Sparkle Of 'Edie' — But Not The Pain
In a passage I remember distinctly, no less than Patti Smith describes being thunderstruck as she watched Edie come down a long staircase at one of Warhol's museum openings, an ermine wrapped around her, leading two white afghan hounds on black …
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Deadly Frontier
Sources said heroin is worth `1.50 lakh per kg in Afghanistan, but by the time it reaches Pakistan, the rates touch `2.50 lakh per kg. The smugglers from Pakistan use plastic pipes to push heroin packets across the electrified fence or just throw the …
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Afghanistan: Why The Karzais Support The Taliban
The only battle that counts in Afghanistan is the struggle against corruption, but controlling the drug trade is part of that fight. It is the general dishonesty, larceny and use of violent threats instead of consensus and persuasion that make …
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LI families recall struggles of their Mideast war vets
The deaths of veterans who have survived combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to struggle with emotional problems and self-inflicted harms once they are home, has raised broad alarm among mental health experts and veterans advocates. With PTSD, major …
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