ABOUT SMOKING WEED (I Know This Sounds Stupid But….) Please Answer?

Question by emily?: ABOUT SMOKING WEED (i know this sounds stupid but….) please answer?
i know what smoking weed (marijuana) does to you and that it can affect your brain, but i just wanted to know how much damage it would have done to me by now.
well when i started smoking it i was in year 8 but i did it about 7 times in about 2 months, then stopped.
year 9 i did it about 5 times in the hole year
year 10 i did it about 10 times
and this year (im year 11 now) ive smoked about 6 joints already and the years only really just started
so im wondering what damage has happened to me from this?

also im not a “druggie” or a “looser” i only do it nowa’days to take my period pains away because no pain killer, not even the ones my doctor prescribes for me, works.
so this is the only way the pains go.

i used to smoke it because, well i guess it was peer pressure in year 8 and 9 and kind of year 10

and this year ive only just discovered it takes period pains away

so that’s why i do it

(sorry about that i just don’t want to be judged)

so whats the damage already? because i feel fine
what the :S
im not 11
….im in year 11
im 16!

ok dont worry, but i wouldnt say im asking this in a weird way because of smoking weed :S , im from england.. so i guess i didnt think about what words people use in other countrys
but dont worry

thanks for the answers everyone x

Best answer:

Answer by Sophi
there is no damage, just the loss of some brain cells.

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