An Introduction to Oxycontin Addiction

by wallyg

Given the huge influx of doctors coupled with the rising pace of which these doctors are prescribing pain killing medications, it has become all the more common for patients around the globe to become addicted to pain killing drugs like Oxycontin. The drug Oxycontin is exceptionally effective in providing relief from chronic pain of the most severe type. Powerful drugs like oxycontin are used to provide relief from extreme pain caused by terminal diseases and serious injuries.

Oxycontin related drugs are opiates that depress the central nervous system by targeting the brain’s opioid receptors. Opiates are organic drugs prepared from opium that is harvested from the poppy plant.

However, despite the pain relieving qualities of this drug, oxycontin and other prescription pain medications are extremely addictive. Oxycontin patients will almost always become physically dependant due to carelessness of over-prescribing doctors. Many doctors fail to pursue alternative avenues before prescribing powerful medications to their patients. The lack of respect for these medications often results in patients having to seek professional drug addiction treatment, or specifically oxycontin addiction treatment.

The rate of oxycontin addiction is constantly rising; however, on the other hand the rate of effective oxycontin addiction treatment is also rising.

Oxycontin addiction should be taken seriously and dealt with precision as the oxycontin addiction treatment process can very difficult. Complete recovery from oxycontin addiction may be a long process; however, overcoming the addiction is vital to the patients survival.

Compared to cocaine addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment, meth addiction treatment, and alcohol addiction treatment; oxycontin addiction treatment may be the most difficult to see through. The abuse of potent oxycontin related drugs will often lead to overdose. The oxycontin addiction treatment procedure generally requires patients to enter a rehabilitation program of some type. Rehab centers offer in-house therapy, physicians, and other fellow patients that provide the much needed motivation to succeed. It is also very important that the rehab center provides a high level of care in terms of addressing the detoxification of opiate related drugs.

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