Before and After Photos Show Recovery From Extreme Drug Addiction

Before and after photos show recovery from extreme drug addiction
Addiction is devastating. It takes away health, personal potential, rips apart families, and all too often claims lives. These images highlight 10 remarkable individuals who have struggled with deeply entrenched addiction, and yet still made their way …

The misery of addiction: The ravaging effects that hard drugs have on users
'As I was putting together the project and touring the country trying to highlight the effects of meth on people, I had a nagging feeling that I knew I wasn't bringing the whole picture to people's attention. 'Every single person I booked and …
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TALK BACK: A grim picture of heroin addiction
Carlos from Gloucester: I really want to thank the Courier-Post for putting a picture of a heroin addict in the newspaper. It is time to look in the mirror and tell the truth. It could be your kid or my kid in the future. This is an open paper and I'm …
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