Drug Policy

Drug policy
Heroin use is falling steadily in both Switzerland and the Netherlands; by the late 2000s the Dutch incidence of new heroin users had fallen close to zero, and the ageing population of addicts from the 1970s and 1980s continues to shrink …
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Marijuana: Making a case against legalization
Addiction treatment specialists, when asked, will explain that, of the many sad drug addiction stories they've heard, virtually all include marijuana as one of the first drugs used. Over time, marijuana use impairs short-term … Switzerland's infamous …
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PIFF 2014: Shovel-Ready
Hallucinogenic musings arrive devoid of grooviness or depth, replaced by flat moral judgments on youth culture, celebrity obsession and prescription drug addiction. KRISTI … Critic's Grade: C- [THE NETHERLANDS] Helmer's days are dominated by routine.
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