Heroin in Ohio

Heroin in Ohio
But addiction specialists agree that cutting back prescriptions was a necessary first step to fight opiate addiction. “Your average policymaker or your average citizen had no idea this is what the outcome would be,” said Marcie Seidel, director of the …
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Sandwell Council's Children's Services is inadequate – but so is Ofsted
The trouble with the report is that it is concerned with process rather than outcomes. None of the warped ideological bigotry, which constitutes orthodox opinion in children's services departments, is really … But by contrast, if they are remaining …
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Kicking against the pricks
That's why he runs Needle Exchange Taranaki Service (Nets), which provides clean needles for between 450 and 500 people with drug addictions and safely disposes of their old equipment. He is a long-time … It's a remarkably successful outcome …