Heroin Use Rises in Oregon, Mirrors National Trend

Heroin use rises in Oregon, mirrors national trend
In the early 2000s, Oregon's problems with heroin use were well-documented. Heroin overdoses in the Portland, Ore., area accounted for nearly as many deaths among young and middle-aged men as cancer or heart disease in 2000. When residents began …

10 false 'perceptions' about heart disease
Women who are still having menstrual cycles are protected by their female hormones, hence, they tend to develop heart disease after the menopause and rapidly catch up with men. … Smoking doesn't cause a real physical addiction, unlike, say heroin.
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Cuyahoga County Council to vote on absentee ballot application mailings
The attorneys say Arthur Tyler has a history of heart problems and diabetes and risk factors including hypertension, breathing difficulties and being overweight. Tyler was … WKYC reports 19-year-old Andrew Norris died from a heroin overdose …
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