Yesterday, I published an essay titled, “Why I Can't Vote For John Bel Edwards (Unless He Changes His Position On The War On Drugs).” Representative Edwards, for those of you who may not know, is a two-term … I think it is critical that we finally …
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Drugs and Demons
He has been addicted to drugs most of his adult life. We shall call him "Philip Seymour Hoffman." If people were to see (or hear of) Hoffman injecting himself with heroin, or nodding off in a opiate-induced stupor, they would instantly (and …
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State of the County address: Read Marissa Madrigal's complete speech
At ten years old, this young lady and her siblings were placed in the foster care system when it was determined her biological mother was abusive, addicted and could no longer care for them. By this time …. Paul was a writer, artist, performer and …
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