Vietnam to Execute 30 Over Drug Smuggling

Vietnam to execute 30 over drug smuggling
The trial began on January 3 and prosecutors had initially sought death sentence for 34 people. The drugs were trafficked between China, Laos and Vietnam in various types, including heroin and synthetic drugs. Vietnam had about 1,80,000 drug addicts as …
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SIMMONS: Heroin Happy Meals point to larger problem
Or even recall the entrepreneurial drug ways of “American Gangster” Frank Lucas, who bought — and brought — his heroin directly from Asia during the Vietnam War. Today's addicts and dealers don't need to ply their wares in the shadows; they simply …
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Cleveland drug court graduates get treatment program rather than jail time
Graduates from Cleveland's Drug Court heard a powerful message from a man who suffered with alcohol and drug addiction for more than two decades. The Reverend Lovel Henderson was 17 years old when he entered the military and was sent to Vietnam …