What Is a Intervention Episode About a Teen? or About Weed?

Question by EMMMAAAA: What is a intervention episode about a teen? or about weed?
Can anyone tell me the name of a person who was on intervention for weed, or the name of a person who was younger than 20 when they were on the show?
ive seen one about a 15 year old girl using meth so i know for a fact you dont have to be 18.

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Answer by Chloe
I think that everyone on “Intervention” has to be at least 18 and most of the people on the show are in their 30’s. Corrine in season 2 at 18 was the youngest so far.

Here’s their website:
Here’s also the episode guide for the first 7seasons which includes the new season which started already:

I don’t recall anyone on the show stricly for addiction to pot. That’s probably because pot isn’t really considered a ‘dangerous’ drug. A lot of the people though on the show that were addicted to like heroin, alcohol, etc… also use marajuana. Most of them smoked weed then went on to harder drugs. If you know someone that you think that drugs (even weed) is ruining their life then fill out the application on A&E’s website right here:
I’m a recovering drug addict myself so if I can help in any way let me know!

Also, MTV did a “True Life” episode called “I’m addicted to prescription meds.” that features some teens/young adults.

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