Young People's Mental Illness and Substance Abuse a 'Two-Way Street'

Young people's mental illness and substance abuse a 'two-way street'
For experts such as McGorry, it has become clear that one major aspect of young adult life linked to mental health problems is drug and alcohol use. Researchers from the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Research Institute have reported the …
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Heroin use spikes in young adults, UW report says
“The increase among young adults is very concerning,” Banta-Green said. Rodriguez said many young people began their drug use through pharmaceutical-type opioids, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, often raided from a medicine cabinet. “But once …
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Suncoast Rehab Warns Students Against “Academic Doping”—Adderall Abuse
Suncoast Rehab Center, a Spring Hill drug rehab facility, warns young adults of the dangers of Adderall, and encourages widespread drug-abuse education. Today, it has become commonplace to find teenagers and college students who readily admit to …
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Young recovering addict becomes inspiration to others
She scouts well-run sober houses for advertisements and tries publishing stories that teach young people the realities of drug addiction and the hard road to sobriety. As the short, bubbly woman with a twinkle in her eye walked recently through The …
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