Hope in the Heart of Hemel Hempstead After Heroin Use 'Horror Story'

Hope in the heart of Hemel Hempstead after heroin use 'horror story'
… chance to reclaim the lives they have lost to addiction. Hemel Hempstead's Spectrum centre has, like its counterparts, been supporting the Dry January initiative to reduce alcohol intake and change people's perceptions about drug and drink …
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JOHN TWYFORD: Addicts could be properly helped if drugs were 'decriminalised'
It was at that point that his father took the extreme step of locking his son in a caravan for four days, then taking him to a clinic where he received an implant designed to block the effects of heroin. … If they do, they are offered treatment …
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Heroin becomes drug of choice
According to the report, although the popularity of dagga has nearly doubled in the last seven years, it is the trend in heroin addiction that is spiralling out of control, and that is the greatest cause of concern among researchers and drug …
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