What Happens if a Non Addict Person Takes Suboxone?? Does It Have the Same Effect as a Opiate?

Question by sissybombay: what happens if a non addict person takes suboxone?? does it have the same effect as a opiate?
I found suboxane in my daughters room and she says it was a friends not hers.. i have to wonder if she is not experimenting what would the signs be???

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Answer by angelgirl
all I know is that it is given to people who have an addiction to oxy’s .

Answer by First-time Mommy!
She’ll get high from it. She’ll probably be happy, maybe a little bit slow to answer questions, maybe itchy. Oh and her voice might sound like she has a sore throat. I have a Rx for suboxone and gave one to my hubby when he had a migraine in the middle of the night (it is also a painkiller), and that’s how he was. Pretty much the same symptoms you get from any opiate if you’re using them to get high.

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