It's Addictive, but Well Worth the Risk

It's Addictive, but Well Worth the Risk
Genuine addictions must meet a set of strict criteria that include tolerance (needing progressively more over time to feel the same pleasure) and withdrawal (when halted, symptoms like insomnia and anxiety attacks emerge). Aerobic exercise can be …
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Can Acupuncture Treat Addiction?
While acupuncture dates back some 3,000 years, auricular, or ear-focused, acupuncture as a treatment for addiction is relatively new, first becoming popular in the '70s for treating opiate withdrawal, and later found to aid in the withdrawal from all …

Brain Chemistry Altered by Later Life Experience, Part 2
Suboxone is a drug prescribed mainly to heroin addicts who have struggled to stay clean. It originated as a more viable alternative to methadone, which … This is the endorphin factory from which a steady stream of low weight, slippery bowling balls …
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The Tragedy of the Betty Ford-Hazelden 'Alliance'
The same cannot be said for the other side — the medication-assisted treatment and recovery folks. While methadone has long been accepted as a method for treating heroin addiction, it's hardly been on the menu of services at established treatment centers.
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