How Long Does Opiate Detox Take?

Question by ciarag94: How long does opiate detox take?
I have a friend who’s been addicted to OxyContin for almost two years now and he’s willing to stop for good. We had gotten together with his parents yesterday and decided for him to detox at home. We got rid of all the pills in the home. Took away his car keys, money, computer, and cell phone in case he changes his mind. After the chemicals are completely drained out of his system. We’re considering sending him to Havenwick in Auburn Hills, Michigan. I’d just like to know how long it’ll take to detox and what are some things to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. Thank you! 🙂

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Answer by Rachel
I know how he feels, its not easy and he needs a strong support group. Detox from the pills takes about 4-5 days for the drug to be out of his system. It will be rough, he’ll experience leg cramps, irritation, his whole body will ache, sweats, much like flu systems. He will want to take/do anything to stop this. Withdrawal is horrible. But what ever he does don’t allow him to take suboxone! Suboxone is substituting one addiction for another but the withdraws are twice as long as twice as bad. I have been where he is and I took suboxone wishing I never did. He can do it and after a few rough days he’ll be glad he quit. A few things that actually help and work, look up “The Thomas Recipe” its a lot of vitamins from GNC that will help his body, he will be very tired, diarrhea (get Pepto), vitamin C is also very helpful. I wish you luck, it wont be easy for you either but don’t give up on him. The addiction to pills is really evil and one of the worst. If u take him to his doctor they can also help as well..