A Pioneering Innovation in Heroin Addiction Treatment

by nemone

A truly pioneering innovation has come about in the filed of heroin addiction treatment. No matter how counterintuitive it may sound this drug addiction treatment procedure focuses on the process of treating heroin addicts with the use of heroin. Recent data was collected in this field whereby scientists had carried out extensive studies on cocaine addiction treatment, heroin addiction treatment, meth addiction treatment, oxycontin addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment. The data proved an effective treatment of hardened addicts may come in the form of supervised heroin administration provided in select clinics. In fact, some professionals firmly believe this method could actually work, while other processes of detoxification and methadone programs are rendered ineffective.

Following the footsteps of Switzerland, Britain has just recently concluded a four year clinical trial of a new addiction treatment. Long-term opiate addicts were given daily heroin injections on a regular basis over the course of the treatment. The results of this experiment revealed this method actually helped reduce the rampant use of street drugs along with the increasing rate of crime among heroin addicted patients. This method has already been institutionalized in Switzerland, while Britain is making the arrangements to do the same.

This pioneering innovation has led to the establishment of Swiss heroin clinics funded by the state. The same types of clinics are in the process of being developed in Britain for chronic addicts.

John Strang, who features as one of the prime figures in this project on behalf of the King’s Health Partners in London and the National Addiction Center explained, “It’s a less than perfect treatment, but for entrenched addicts, it helps addicts take the first steps toward getting their life together. Some addicts will establish complete recovery, while others will progress from a bad place to a less bad place.”

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Heroin Addiction: Beyond Heroin – A story of loss and hope | A Big Picture film by the Wellcome Trust

Nobody ever thinks they’ll become a drug addict – its something that happens to other people. In this extremely candid interview, Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, author of ‘Mum, can you lend me twenty quid?’, and her husband, Tony, speak openly about the gradual descent of their identical twin sons into the nightmare of heroin addiction. This film features clips from ‘Getting Hooked’, a home video in which one of the twins describes how easily he and his brother slipped into addiction. This film is just one part of the latest edition of Big Picture, featuring addiction. Published twice a year, Big Picture is a free post-16 resource for teachers that explores cutting edge science. To find out more and sign up for your own copy, visit: For more information, see DrugFAM, , a charity set up and run by Elizabeth Burton-Phillips to support families, carers and friends affected by substance abuse.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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15 Responses to “A Pioneering Innovation in Heroin Addiction Treatment”

  • MegLuvzLife:

    @MAKER6450 -I say that same exact thing too! I actually STARTED w weed,then drinking,then coke,THEN H! It’s a gradual decline.For some at least! I never used to say weed is gateway drug….but when I look at the facts…it was for ME I guess.

  • shenked:


  • fajhitas2:

    @MOMEHT trust me u dont. I have not expierience with the drug physically. but my father wuz hooked on heroin and he was an addict fer atleast a year and a half. He sold everything he had and was spending 1000 dollars a week on it. He couldn’t afford to buy me a present so i got a necklace from my grandma bu anyways. On my birthday I hugged him before I left to go home. He felt so boney to the touch I could pretty much feel every spinal plate in his back. 3 days later he took his own life.

  • zitianaki:

    @MAKER6450 not really, i started with LSD, weed was one of the last drugs i tried and i hated it, though i dont consider weed to be a drug, alcohol and smokes are worse

  • zitianaki:

    yes but did he not say they asked for it “why cant we have any” sounds more like them begging for it not it being pushed on them…

  • MAKER6450:

    @SkateTS808 i never said i does.
    ppl build up to it.
    weed, then pills, trips…then start snorting or smoking speed…then injecting.
    once you have done that you’re over the “fear” of drug taking and heroin doesnt seem that bad once you have done it all.
    im not sayn it will happen to everyone but it sure did happen to %95 of my frriends.
    some ppl just get addicted to drugs and weed is the start of all that.

  • SkateTS808:

    @MAKER6450 yup but it’s not the weed that started them to fucking ‘smoke heroin’

  • MrTheEvilgerman:

    Doing drugs is no joke my friends !!
    Not even once, believe me !!

  • Oldskool01Hakken:

    @MOMEHT are you fucking real? trust me you don’t!


    i want to try

  • tigerone1970:

    These people are so full of s*** that it isn’t even funny. They’re trying to sell the idea of weed as a stepping stone to heroin. Through ‘heroin spliffs’.

  • baadbahta:

    @MAKER6450 no i never think of it at all its been 7 years now.try not to let it cross ure mind thats what i do yes it did start from weed i used to smoke a lot of skunk and weed at the time and from there it snowballed i lost a lot through it the girl i was going out with since secondary school after that it made me think that this is wrong there so much more to life then heroin trust me

  • MAKER6450:

    drug use always starts with weed.
    weed helps you get over the “fear” of drug taking and it snow balls from there…i always lmao at ppl who told me this but they were so damn right.

  • MAKER6450:

    @baadbahta iv been 3 years clean but i still think of it daily.
    do you always think about it?
    7 years clean is very good.

  • LoobyLoo1973:

    Poignant stuff