Alcoholics Anonymous Attendance?

Question by ariesguy_78: Alcoholics anonymous attendance?
is there like a suggested attendance for alcoholics anonymous…i have a friend that has decided that alcohol is a problem for him…so he quit drinking about 4 months ago…now he’s going to AA everyday. He’s also got some mental health issues about being extreme in everything and I’m supposed to report to his Psyc dr…so is everyday too much? i know zip about AA
thanks for you answers guys. i was just confused when he started AA after 4 mos. and then started everyday. your answers helped. THANK YOU.

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Answer by ducky kicks butt!!!
my mom used to teach AA and i knew a lot of ppl that did…. maybe not everyday but like at leat every three days around that

Answer by Melvin B
You go to as many meetings as you think are necessary to keep you from drinking. I have seen ppl go to 3 meetings/day and I have seen ppl go to just one/month.

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