Alleged Heroin Dealer 'Feared for Her Life'

Alleged heroin dealer 'feared for her life'
Court documents show that Sullivan is a part of a network of alleged drug dealers and addicts who bounce around several communities in between arrests and convictions. Records also show how efforts by the state to rehabilitate Sullivan have failed …
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Former Celtics Player Spreads Anti-Drug Message
Herren opened up so those with similar struggles can have a shot at sobriety. “I'm a recovering heroin addict,” Herren told ABC40, “[I was] an intravenous heroin addict for six and a half years, Oxycontin for two years, lost most, but was able to …
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Fighting scourge of heroin
Add to the unsettling sight of used syringes and needles found in playgrounds and reports of addicts shooting up in public places such as the city's rail trail, it's becoming easier to see that the problems of heroin abuse and sales is spreading. Last …
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