Any Struggling Opiate Addicts?

Question by : Any struggling opiate addicts?
Any struggling opiate addicts out there needing some advice? First of all I was a major Vicodin addict 3.5 years ago and quit cold turkey which was hell!! I am not a doctor of any sort just beat the habit with some helpful home remedies. I used the Thomas Recipe. First of all it was easy for me because I wasn’t working a lot only part time but I would advise atleast 4-7 days off of work or it will be harder. This is something you truly want to do for your own health, well-being, relationships, finances, and living sober. Life without opiates is amazing I had tons more energy, great state of mind, focus, motivation, and just a healthier lifestyle. For users truly wanting to get clean from Vicodin, Percocet, Lortab, Tramadol read on. Oxycontin and dilaudid if hooked heavily withdrawal will be more intense and will last longer most people go into a detox facility for those drugs along with morphine. From my experience with Vicodin here’s how I got clean. Day one- Xanax, Ativan or Klonopin for anxiety/depression along with B Vitamins for leg cramps. Xanax ect. will also help with restlessness in lower back or body. It also helps produce sleep and takes away being moody throughout your home detoxification. Use ibuprofen or aleve from the start to take away SOME of the aches and pains. Also use a hot tub, hot showers, or hot baths with baking soda or epson salt to get out toxins from body. If at all possible try to get your hands on prescription ibuprofen in 800 milligrams which helps immensely. For sleep use chamomile tea, melatonin, or your Xanax, Valium to produce sleep. You’ll need to get a vitamin supplement which is like a daily vitamin each day along with Imodium for diarrhea (use as much as needed for the runs). The goal is to get to day 4 and at this point your mental state should be almost back to normal. Day 4-7 stop using Xanax or Valium, drink lots of fluids. Try to get moderate exercise 30 minutes. Take l-tyrosine which is an herb which promotes mental focus, clarity, and energy scale up or down depending on how sensitive your body is. I started with 400-500 milligrams on day 4. Days 5-7 continue and by day 7 you will feel like yourself not totally but the physical withdrawal pain will be nothing. It doesn’t stop there for over a month or two you will get cravings, have to cut off ties from your dealers, and basically have to stay focused on maintaining life without opiates. Your mind will still tempt you but stay focused on a hobby, work, or close good friends. The only other advice is there’s really nothing for the cold sweats at night I just figured it was my body getting rid of the bad toxins. Afterall anyone who is an opiate addict like I was for along time numbed themselves from life and trained your brain to maintain equilibrium by popping pills now you can be yourself without them. You will be sober and able to accomplish goals, actually lose weight which I did by maintaining a workout program, and also have more money. Just think you’ll no longer have to stress about finding pills so you won’t go through withdrawal. Your day will consist of production, health, and even just pure freedom. Just 7 days to get out of a very dark place. The downward spiral which for some is too powerful and are junkies forever having nothing, problems with the law, and eventually moving on to stronger drugs like heroin or cocaine. After prolonged opiate use your “high” which lasted mostly all day lasts for about 20-30 minutes making you want to take more or even move up the painkiller ladder onto Percocet, Morphine, or the worst of worst oxycontin. Along the battle remember everyday is closer to the light. Don’t do it for a loved one do it for yourself because eventually you will be chasing a “high” which you won’t catch. It also messes up your liver and after awhile your body stops producing endorphins naturally which can cause disphoria and severe mental depression. You will just want to pop pills and sleep all day due to no motivation. Hope this helps anyone struggling. Take each day at a time and force yourself. If you relapse you’ll have to start all over. God bless and you won’t die from opiate withdrawal just have the worse flu ever!!!! “Long and hard is the way out of hell that leads up to light” John Milton….

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Congratulations and thanks, I’ll save this for friends I haven’t met yet. Keep it up!

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