Are Benzoylecgonine and Benzodiazepines the Same Thing?

Question by hotladi2269: Are benzoylecgonine and benzodiazepines the same thing?
If you have a prescription for xanax “zanax” and you are on probation, would it be possible to pass the cocaine drug screen portion of the test? I heard that a metabolite called benezoylecgonine can be detected after cocaine use…Is it also detected after “zanax” use?

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Answer by macman
No. Benzodiazepines are sedative drugs – Valium being the most “well known” and kind of the father of all the others, including the more commonly prescribed newer drugs like Xanax, etc.
These will also show up on a drug screen (as long as they include it in the screen, which they usually do), but not as a positive for cocaine.

Answer by andiamo290
Benzoylecgonine is the major metabolite of cocaine, so you will pass the cocaine drug screen portion of the test. However, if you are on probation that specifically prohibits utilizing “drugs of abuse”, you are STILL going to pop positive on your drug test. Benzodiazepines (“benzos” for short) are one of the most highly addictive, dangerous drugs of abuse you can take. At the very least, your probation officer will probably question your need for the zanax and/or refer you to a drug rehab counselor to discuss cross-addiction tendencies. Good Luck

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