Beyond AA: Online Mag Offers Stories of Addiction and DIY Sobriety

Heroin Addiction in the News

Heroin Addiction: Beyond AA: Online mag offers stories of addiction and DIY sobriety is the public face of a recovery model that leaves plenty of room for harm-reduction approaches
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Heroin Addiction: Officials: Heroin use up in all groups
Various Columbia County agencies including police, hospital, drug rehabilitation programs, and the health department have been seeing an increase in heroin use, not only in the county’s overall population, but in young age groups.
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Heroin Addiction: Police fear heroin boom
A suspect is arrested in Brentwood after police say he tried to sell heroin during a January sting operation. Officers say dealers are eager to open shop in the suburbs.
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Heroin Addiction: Heroin Addicts Speak

Meet people deep in the throws of a heroin addiction, with no way out.
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15 Responses to “Beyond AA: Online Mag Offers Stories of Addiction and DIY Sobriety”

  • Epicpofunk:

    The government has no right telling anyone not to use heroin, but that doesn’t mean it’s good and happy stuff. Artistically nihilistic at best. Looks like a major soul-sickness to me. And ibogaine is the cure. Where’s the documentary about that? Or kratom therapy? Oh well, may the vaguely artistic suffering continue! Glad I’m free.

  • rafalthe1:

    stick to weed/E’s

  • ThinCrustPizza67:


  • snekkevik:

    in oslo 30% are drug addicted!

  • 2011yourlife:


  • TheDudeOfNorway:


  • CircleofShit:

    @tonyhawksacriminal LOL.

  • CircleofShit:

    Theres never a fucking programme about whats heroin actually FEELS like when you take it…i.e what you experience when you inject.

  • danawana1996:

    after Train Spotting I’d never try anything like that.

  • 666yanco:

    99% of you idiots know fuck all about heroin. all you do know is government propaganda and you are just too stupid or lazy to see thru it. ignorance is a blis. sweet dreams.

  • 666yanco:

    @RMDOTE7 can’t believe there is someone here among all these idiots that gets it. thank you.

  • Philatanus3:

    Everyone knows when you stick that needle your going to get addicted. I feel no pity for these losers! Hitler had the best solution for drug addicts…..BANG!

  • Charlesmillz:

    @faithdealer288 youve got to be a retard to be drug dealing on youtube real husler… NOT

  • 0m4rL0c:

    Lmao I tried heroin 6 months ago via injection and been doing it ever since and I went to jail for 2 weeks got clean and now I’m straight off that shot real talk! It aint that hard to quit. It just sucks kicking this shit! That’s why most people keep going to avoid withdrawals. I’m clean and feel great mentally and physically.

  • jackietreehorn1000:

    whats wrong with a beer and a joint? fuck these losers THEY made THAT choice to try it in the first place!