Bipartisan Effort Takes on Pain Pill and Heroin Abuse – Columbus Dispatch

Bipartisan effort takes on pain pill and heroin abuse – Columbus Dispatch

Bipartisan effort takes on pain pill and heroin abuse
Columbus Dispatch
A bi-partisan Ohio House legislative package aimed at tackling prescription pain pill and heroin abuse includes a proposal to spend $ 180 million on “recovery housing” for people working to kick the drug habit. The one-time infusion of housing money

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13 Responses to “Bipartisan Effort Takes on Pain Pill and Heroin Abuse – Columbus Dispatch”

  • krisztina vas:


  • Natale Strachan:

    This is so sad :(?

  • Deborah Lugo:


  • Aliza Bianchi:

    Watch the show, they DO get clean, so stop getting down on them for being
    bad moms. Also, addiction is a disease. Any twelve step program will tell
    you that. Getting sober is a very difficult process; mentally, emotionally
    and physically. The withdrawals alone won’t kill someone, but coming off of
    the drug, unfortunately people have died due to dehydration, choking on
    vomit, etc. My point is, bashing drug addicts over YouTube won’t help
    anyone. Try offering people support before you choose to judge them. You
    don’t know their background or history or what lead them to be here. How
    about some compassion? Have a blessed day everyone.?

  • Bill Waggoner:

    heroin is awesome?

  • Avaz Prvy:

    fucking bitches

  • fisherman1118:

    sick bitches

  • Natale Strachan:

    This is horrible… People like this don’t deserve beautiful children
    social services should’ve been called

  • Mahmedd Aba:

    ????? ??? ???.

  • Guiding Mike:

    I would like to respond to you, but your message is too incoherent to

  • Guiding Mike:

    You will hear that methadone is powerfully addicting and difficult to get
    off. That is true BUT at least with Methadone treatments, you have your
    life back. You can work and function as a human being instead of like a
    rabid animal trying to get drugs all day long. You can taper off methadone
    as long as it takes to get off. It isn’t easy to taper off of heroin. Good

  • HighlyOpiated:

    lol… your one to judge? theres kids who live worse lives than these in
    our country , and definately in other 3rd world countries…having your mom
    be on drugs ( while i guarantee more than 50% of americans as it is are on
    prescription pain killers , anti depressants , stimulants. you fucking name
    it) or be starving on the road with no place to go? yeah id rather be happy
    on my drug then be living in hell on earth

  • Kayla Sandoval:

    Take those kids away!!!