Board of Ed in Galion Discusses Drug Testing

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Heroin Addiction: Board of Ed in Galion discusses drug testing
GALION — Ohio Achievement Assessment test scores and the results of random drug testing were the topics of Thursday night’s Galion Board of Education meeting.
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Heroin Addiction: Waterfowl hunt at Magee canceled by project
An extensive restoration and enhancement project at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area will necessitate cancellation of the area’s controlled waterfowl hunt for the 2011-12 season.
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Heroin Addiction: What would you do if your son or daughter were a Heroin addict?

In this video I ask the very hard question, what would you do if your son or daughter were a Heroin addict and were in prison, scheduled for an early release because they had served the minimum time of their sentence, and you felt with all your heart they were not ready for release…and you might be able to persuade the parole board to deny parole to your son or daughter the first time so that they could get the treatment and help they need? What would you do?

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5 Responses to “Board of Ed in Galion Discusses Drug Testing”

  • lostaunt:

    I just lost my nephew from heroin OD. your questions are what just happened in our lives and if I could re-do all I would have kept him in jail as he would still be alive today. I will pray for you in your struggle to save your son. I kow what this has done to our family. Do what ever you can to help your son….

  • haroldsays:

    Thank you for everyone’s comments about the subject matter of this video. I appreciate you and your taking the time to comment.

  • f8cleopatra:

    Won’t work- the jails are overcrowded so everyone gets 1/2 to a 1/4 time served. Best you support your sick family member and stipulate parole requirements upon release to help you follow the plan-and get them in a state MHMR center to get medication for them before he gets back on the illegal stuff.

  • tustles:

    Harold I would Get involed And write The parole board to say Keep him or her a little longer so He or she could get the help they needed. I understand something could happen in prison but i think he or she is going to kill themselves with the Herion anyways. It is a hard Quesiton but i feel in my heart that he should be kept a little longer to get help. I am Praying with you For your son. God Bless MY Friend Luv Always Sherry(Tustles) LOVE WINS

  • whenyouneedsomeone:

    Pfff Harold that is realy hard to answer
    Now i would say i would try to get them not to aprove the release
    But i don’t think what i would say if it would ever come to that
    And i don’t have kids so it is more diffecult to say what i would do