Can Someone Who Had Drug Addictions Have Their Body Donated to Science?

Question by Scooby Doo: Can someone who had drug addictions have their body donated to science?
If a person was “on something” at the time of death, “something” being any narcotic or controlled substance, can their body be useful for scientific research? I’d imagine that any body, even on something, could be useful in obtaining research information and/or testing. Is there any law stating that you could not use such a body? I shot everyone with a bunch of questions there………..I would appreciate any info/links on the subject. Thanks.

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Answer by robot heart
A person can definitely donate their body to science if on drugs when they died. Most bodies to go med schools for students to learn on. If the bodies have coke or heroin or whatever in their system no one will care and possibly no one will even notice. Millions of bodies have been donated to science in a myriad of conditions. If I was a professor at one of these med schools, I would prefer a little variety.

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