Chief: Heroin Use, Gangs on Rise in Milton

Heroin Addiction: Chief: Heroin use, gangs on rise in Milton
In the nearly 10 years Chief William Phillips has been with the Milton Police Department, he said he’s never seen a heroin-related case. Until 15 months ago. Since July 2010, Phillips said, he’s encountered the drug on three occasions, raising his concern that more may be on the way. He’s also come across at least four gangs in recent years. As a way of educating the public, Phillips invited Det …
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Heroin Addiction: Mother charged with possessing heroin on school field trip
An Allenton mother is charged with possession of heroin while serving as chaperone for her daughter’s second grade field trip.
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Heroin Addiction: Play puts audience up close to addiction
In a dingy unfinished basement near Bloor and Lansdowne, a young man rocks back and forth on a soiled mattress, jonesing for his next hit of heroin. Attempts to distract himself by flipping through tattered comics or swallowing spoonfuls of Nesquik straight from the jar are fruitless: his agony is palpable. Seated mere feet away in two neat rows of fold-out chairs are 24 strangers, watching the …
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