Christians: What Are Your Views on Marijuana?

Question by D: Christians: What are your views on Marijuana?
Seems like it’s becoming more accepted which is good. People are realizing that this plant is not a bad thing. It isn’t addictive(only psychologically but not physically like prescription pills, cocaine, meth, cigarettes, etc. ), doesn’t kill brain cells actually(monkeys were forced to inhale continuous Marijuana smoke for more than 5 minutes and the lack of oxygen kills brain cells, not marijuana), doesn’t make you lazy(Marijuana is classified into 2 groups “Indica” and “Sativa”. Sativa makes you creative, hyper, giddy, etc. Indica makes you sleepy and want to relax), makes you non-violent, and a better source of medication(You can physically be addicted to pain killers, xanax, depressants, etc. When you could vaporize, smoke, and eat the Marijuana have the same effect but with no addiction).

I understand it’s illegal but because of racism since Mexicans, African Americans, Asians, etc. were using the herb more than Caucasians and that Marijuana would put the timber business out of business with the use of it’s hemp.

It’s a shame I had to research all this information while I was forced to gobble down the information D.A.R.E. gave me about how bad it is and that it will “kill me” when no one has died from it. I understand telling children that they should say no to drugs but to tell them lies and making them believe all that mumbo jumbo is nonsense.

I told a man that was teaching about drugs in my military class about this and he was speechless and ended his speech about Marijuana as soon as I was done and moved on to cocaine and crack.
@Filida: Sure, inhaling any type of smoke is bad. The only thing that you would most likely get is a shortened of breath. There has not been one case of lung cancer from Marijuana. Not one. Now if you vaporize it or cook it in cookies, butter, brownies, etc. Then this eliminates your worries as far as lungs go.
@Camille: The Mexican cartel are the people who are killing and all that to make a profit which I do not support at all. First, their quality of Marijuana is just bad and compacted, second, it gives the idea that Marijuana is dangerous because of the process they do to bring it in America and the crime that follows it. Honestly, I have never seen any one kill to get Marijuana. If a Medical Marijuana patient was to get off Marijuana for a long period of time or forever, will you see them going around dying for this herb?
@someonewhoneedshelp: So I guess you are against prescription pills also. The way they make you feel and their effects. Prescription pills can make you loopy and high also but it’s okay because the government said it’s okay. Smoking it isn’t the only way to use it. You can vaporize it and eat it. There are even THC pills.

– A 16 year old filled with THC.

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Answer by Static
Now where is cheetos?

Answer by Pastors George and Sharon
God tells us to obey the laws of the land where they don’t conflict with His way of life. In the US, except for cases of medicinal use in some states, marijuana is illegal and therefore should not be used.

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