Coastalcare to Host Survivors of Suicide Day Gathering

Coastalcare to host Survivors of Suicide Day gathering
David Tart, customer services director for CoastalCare, said the organization has licensed clinical staff available 24 hours a day on its helpline. "If there's any risk at all of suicide they're going to be making sure that person has access to …

Red ribbon day held at Lakeland; Ringwood and Wanaque students make drug
Danziger told Suburban Trends that the LEAP members handed out anti-bacterial gel packs, helpline cards, and drug-abuse information to about 300 students during lunch periods. The packs read "Being Clean Means No Drugs, No Alcohol." They were …

Drugs in France: a repressive policy and high cannabis usage
Drug users can seek help from, or be made to attend one of around 400 addiction care, help and prevention centres (CSAPA), of which about 40 offer week-long cures. Many drug users also turn to emergency services, GPs, or a variety of non-governmental …
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