Commentary: Legalize Pot? Don't Even Consider It

Commentary: Legalize pot? Don't even consider it
The percentage of drug problems related to marijuana has more than doubled recently, and that's especially acute among those ages 18 to 30. Nearly half of the people admitted for substance abuse treatment in 2010 from that age group reported regular …
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Marijuana Decriminalization Sends a Better Message Than the Drug War
People living in the Netherlands, famous for its relaxed marijuana laws, actually use marijuana about half as much as Americans and far less than their European neighbors. When asked how this could be, the Dutch Minister of Health explained, "We have …
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Children caught in net as addiction to online video games increases
The Netherlands – no stranger to leading the way on difficult social issues – opened the first residential clinic in Europe for the treatment of compulsive young online gamers in Amsterdam in 2006. Increase The latest Dutch report has collated …
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