Computer Game Addiction More Difficult to Treat Than Drug Abuse – Expert

Computer game addiction more difficult to treat than drug abuse – expert
It's long been believed that an addiction to computer games can be psychologically damaging. Now, a British psychotherapist has claimed that an addiction to gaming is more difficult to treat than drugs or alcohol abuse. VoR's Natasha Moriarty has been …
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Cressida Bonas supported her boyfriend Prince Harry by wearing a scarf from a
Prince Charles's godson Nicholas Knatchbull, a former drug addict and heir to the £100 million Mountbatten fortune, is following in the footsteps of the likes of Sally Bercow and Cherie Blair in trying to flog his wares on eBay. I understand that '5DN …
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As the Oregon Lottery grows revenue, it must expand protections against
Cigarettes and alcohol, while tightly regulated, are ubiquitous and available, and both are addicting at different rates with different but potentially costly health consequences. Yet they, too, have become essential to the … Electronic line games …

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