Concerning Shows Like “I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day” and Big Medicine. How Do the Obese People Afford the Food?

Question by Diana B: Concerning shows like “I eat 33,000 calories a day” and Big Medicine. How do the obese people afford the food?
For example, one guy on “I eat 33,000…” ate in one day the equivalent of what a normal man would eat in 2 weeks. Another person spent an average of $ 25 per day on candy bars alone. I’m a professional with a pretty good salary, but if I ate 2 weeks worth of groceries in one day, and repeat that every day I would very soon be broke. I certainly don’t have $ 25 per day (which is $ 700 per month) to spend on just candy bars (that doesn’t include the rest of his food). Do morbidly obese people tend to be independently wealthy? It would seem that a poor person couldn’t get up to 700 pounds overweight purely due to a lack of funds. Anyone that knows please explain.

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Answer by Kit Kat
Good question……..but like any addict, you will find the money.

Answer by jbird
This is a very interesting observation. I do not know the answer, but in personal observations (at the risk of generalizing) it really seems as if most obese people I’ve encountered are not wealthy, independently or otherwise. On the other hand, the wealthy people I’ve encountered, for the most part, are not obese.

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