Could I Take Some Vicodin Pills Without Any Side Effects or Negative Outcomes?

Question by : could i take some vicodin pills without any side effects or negative outcomes?
i’m a twenty year old guy, and last august i was passing kidney stones and was rushed to the hospital. i still have alot inside of me but none that are that painful so i am off meds. i just wanted to take it up again because lately i am stressed with school and theres just so much on my mind. these pills are meant to relax people, and i took some before without any negative effects. i was wondering if i could take like one or two a day only for a little while until i recover from this crappy part of my life. this won’t harm me in any way, right????

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Answer by Gaypersian69
your just setting yourself up, we live in 2011 you should already know about addictions and misusing prescription meds, vicodins are considered real weak drugs, but if you take them everyday, you’ll build a tolerance to them within a few days, and won’t feel anything off them anymore, and your going to crave more and more, and its going to damage your liver, waste your money, make you nervous, and constantly crave more, and make you even more depressed and crappy than right now.

Answer by Carol Stieve
Oh sweetheart, I have more experience in this than I would care to….PLEASE do not take vicodin for stress! This type of pill is an opiate (heroin, oxycontin, percocet, etc. are all opiates). All it takes is taking one or two a day for a few days to get oneself physically addicted, and trust me the physical withdrawal is not fun. Google vicodin withdrawal if you’d like some info from proven sources.

These pills are prescribed for pain. There are other classes of drugs that are for stress and anxiety that will not put you in such danger. Please do think this through thoroughly. Opiate addiction is no joke and certainly falls under the category of “negative effects.”

My best wishes for you dear. xoxo

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