County Joins Resolution Against Legalized Pot

County joins resolution against legalized pot
By getting signatures of governments throughout the state, the local MatForce coalition against drug abuse seeks to send a message that the initiative petition drive isn't welcome here. "We need to make ourselves a hard target for the Marijuana … The …
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Smoking and Health, and Death. And You're worried about the illicits?
Only The New York Times gave an absolute number: in New York City, heroin-related deaths were all the way up to 382, for the whole year of 2012. In that year, nationally to be sure, there were about 1200 tobacco-use related deaths per day and about 180 …
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Budget boosts funds for NJ drug courts
In 2012, heroin and opiate treatment admissions exceeded 33,000 people, according to state Department of Human Services statistics. “If you're really going to talk about the shift from addiction to treatment, it's not just for those who get arrested …
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Mobile Mission
He says a rough estimate points to about 10,000 IV drug users in the Tristate area, many of whom started out using expensive prescription painkillers such as Oxycontin and Percocet then moving to heroin, which costs about $ 5 to $ 8 on the street …
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