Cover Story: Charlotte #5 in Black Tar Heroin

Heroin Addiction: Cover Story: Charlotte #5 in black tar heroin
Charlotte’s got a serious heroin problem.  The city is one of the five worst cities in the nation for black tar heroin, which surprises many people.  Also surprising is where the drug is taking hold.  PrimeTime’s Jeff Atkinson reports in our Cover Story.  
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Heroin Addiction: Black tar heroin a growing problem in Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte now ranks fifth in the country when it comes to the sale and distribution of black tar heroin. Those numbers were compiled by federal drug agents who are working with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police to combat the problem.  CMPD major Glen Neimeyer said the black tar heroin is being brought into the city by Mexican drug cartels.  He pointed out the recent arrests of five …
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Heroin Addiction: Oregon a test case for pseudoephedrine drug law
When the Oregon Legislature was considering a proposal to make pseudoephedrine a prescription drug in an effort to fight methamphetamine, pharmaceutical lobbyists argued that the state’s existing law …
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Heroin Addiction: Teen abuse of pills rises
Abuse of prescription drugs among teens is more socially acceptable and less detectable than alcohol use, experts say, but can lead to dependence and even death.
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Heroin Addiction: Nomadic ‘crusties’ are sign of summer in Pittsburgh
PITTSBURGH — The bridge of his nose is caked with dried blood. Beneath each fingernail is a line of dark grit. Reeking of body odor and cheap booze, he hops trains to travel and panhandles to get by. He goes only by “Mouth.”
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