Crack Addiction !!! How Difficult Is It to Kick This Habit ?

Question by Maka: Crack addiction !!! How difficult is it to kick this habit ?
I’m a volunteer working with addicts. Give me some insight.
Done it for five years – addicts don’t like it when we tell them you have to do it yourself. we can’t do it for you

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Answer by Johnny B
Well, first off it is no habit. It is addictive chemicals that go into the brain. And when people stop doing the drug, the brain basically says that it wants more of the substance and therefore begins to make people have cravings to do it again. And these cravings go on usually until A. they are no longer addicted or B. They try it again, and make their body more addicted.

Answer by oldhippypaul
cigarettes are the hardest
alcohol is next
then meth
then crack
then other body drugs – reds – uppers
then psychedelics
pot is not addictive.

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