Dean (The Dream) Meminger Is Dead at 65

Dean (The Dream) Meminger is dead at 65
New York playground legend Dean (The Dream) Meminger, who rose to become a New York Knick but later sank into drugs and hard living, was found dead in a Harlem hotel Friday of what cops said is a possible overdose. He was 65. Meminger, a key …
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Book Excerpt: The Evolution of “This Town”
It would happen soon enough, with a meteor crash in 1981, when the Post was forced to give back a Pulitzer Prize won by a young Post reporter who fabricated a story about an eight-year-old heroin addict. Yet the celebrity aura of the news business in …

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He has one thought that keeps him going every day. “You don't see many old addicts.” A long list of casualties. Heroin doesn't discriminate. Rich or poor, black or white, famous or not. Here is a list of celebrities whose addiction contributed to their …
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