Defendant: I Was Addicted to Heroin

Heroin Addiction: Defendant: I was addicted to heroin
Grappling with a severe, $ 100-a-day heroin addiction at the time, Michael Porras-Castillo told a panel of federal court jurors Thursday that he went along with the plan to carry out an armed home invasion because he desperately needed money.
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Heroin Addiction: Cautionary Tales Of Addiction Heard At Heroin Town Hall
Just how bad is the heroin problem becoming in the St. Louis area? Bad enough for 100 people to show up on a Thursday night to learn more about it. The town hall meeting at Pattonville High School had experts, facts and figures. But the stories of two young women, one from Imperial, and one from Kirkwood, will tell you everything you need to know about this devastating drug.
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Heroin Addiction: Why a coffee addiction is ‘pure awesome’
I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for a little coffee propaganda. (Maybe it’s because I’m already on my second cup.) Good thing there’s this handy-dandy YouTube video to tell us why a caffeine addiction is harmless — if not desirable. This isn’t heroin, the video tells us. An interesting fact to […]
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Heroin Addiction: Region’s heroin epidemic to be featured in cable documentary

The Enterprise of Brockton, Mass. The A&E television network will broadcast a documentary on this region’s battle with OxyContin and heroin addiction at 9 pm March 24. Part of the network’s “Intervention” series, which focuses on drug addiction, the show is called “Intervention in-depth: Heroin Hits Home” and features many of the people and issues profiled in The Enterprise’s yearlong package of stories called “Wasted Youth.” The “Wasted Youth” stories, which were first published in March 2007, revealed that at least 144 people have died from opiate overdoses in southeastern Mass. since 2004. Many of the victims were under 25. “Heroin Hits Home,” which was filmed over the past two months, will also be broadcast on A&E at 1 am on Tuesday, March 25. For Comcast viewers, A&E is Channel 37 — and Channel 837 for high definition viewing. For more information on the show, go to and click on “schedule.”
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6 Responses to “Defendant: I Was Addicted to Heroin”

  • Barieatsleepbari:

    What a silly statement to make. I’ve lived in Brockton my whole life and have never felt unsafe in this city. If you’re looking for trouble, you’ll certainly find it, but other than that, you’re perfectly safe. Don’t be so quick to judge, or believe what the corrupted local media says, for that matter.

  • fyukyou333:

    Im from Brockton our murder rate and out and out voilence is a bigger problem then these fiends. I wouldnt wanna break down in some of these parts after dark. My tax dollars at work thanks Brockton P.D.

  • blaggo457:

    i think the narration was not in sync with the video. I’m sure they were referring to the green monsters for $80 a piece which is still ridiculous.

  • kentucy9999:

    4 or 5 yrs ago it was a dollar a milligram. 20 mg= 20dollars…..40mg=40…..80mg=80. I’m not sure if inflation has “kicked in.” I guarantee you no one is paying $80 for a 20mg Oxy unless they are rich or stupid.

  • ReligiousZombie:

    I like the director’s use of irony in showing the “Drug-Free School Zone” sign. What a joke. That’s America for you: it’s easier to create propaganda than solve the problem.

  • ilyalevchuk:

    oxys are like 25 for 80 mg on the street