Do Alcoholics Act Like This?

Question by Waka waka1017: Do alcoholics act like this?
I came home from college for spring break. I didnt go back to my moms (where I was staying before college) because shes an alcoholic. I am now staying with my dad at his girlfriends. I noticed my moms drinking problem since the summer and in October my friend who is much older and I had to talk to a friend of mine who is a narcotics detective because my mom was giving my 15 year old brother and his friend alcohol and cigarettes. She was also giving me her xanax. The detective told me that it looks like my mom is on opiates (like heroin) because shes very skinny, her face is sunken in, her appearance has really changed, and her behavior is very messed up. Her boyfriend is a exheroin addict (current alcoholic) and drugs (especially heroin) is on the rise in the county I live in. There were 68 overdoses last year. My dad and his girlfriend drink as well but its different. My mom usually starts drinking around 5 or 6 every night and doesnt stop until she goes to sleep. She spends most of her money on alcohol and will even lie to get money for it. When my dad and I got to his girlfriends last night, he had a beer and that was all. I thought that he would continue drinking for the whole evening because thats what I’m used to. Do alcoholics have a drinking pattern and they can’t only have one drink?

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Answer by Asian Dad Expects A
You drinking? Y U NO STUDYING!?!?!?

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Y you no study

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