Do You Think Jim Morrison Died of a Drug Overdose, and What Kind of Underware Do You Think He Wore.?

Question by tob: do you think jim morrison died of a drug overdose, and what kind of underware do you think he wore.?

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Answer by Tad White
I think he went comando

Answer by TheDoors
I don’t really think that Jim died from a drug overdose, rather I believe his death was a result from his abuses on mainly alcohol. I think that toward the end of his life, Jim was sort of moving away from drugs (or the main ones that he was known for) in that he didn’t take LSD as much, no longer liked marijuana, and cocaine seemed more like a recreation than something serious. I still don’t believe that Jim was into heroin; it caused so many problems with him and Pam so I don’t think he would turn on his serious dislike and disapproval of it all and become involved with it. To me, it seems obvious that Jim’s real addiction was with alcohol. Even though he was drinking less during the Paris days, there was still all of that past damage; you could argue this about the drugs too though.

Honestly, I think that Jim was just in a state of weakened health due to this all and died of something that normally wouldn’t have killed someone his age. For instance, he had a really bad cough before moving to Paris and was very short of breath. I’ve read that the weather in Paris is more on the cold/damp side than LA where Jim lived, so that would have aggravated his past asthma, and seemingly chronic bronchitis. This too could have led up to a more serious disease such as pneumonia, or even tuberculosis. The description of Jim being found seems to fit this sort of medical trauma. In this way, I do believe that Jim died a death of somewhat “natural causes” in that it was something medically related.

Of course since things are so uncertain with his death many different theories could be argued. As for his underwear, I included the link to your last question you asked about it and I answered; why do you keep asking about it?

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