Do You Think That Marijuana Is More or Less Dangerous Than Tobacco Products?

Question by Proud mommy of beautiful Faith!: Do you think that marijuana is more or less dangerous than tobacco products?
This is research for a college paper so please only serious responses, and please give a detailed reason for you opinion. No name or even display names will be used. Please and thank you.

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Answer by Chad
I would say more so. Marijuana has THC, a mild form of acid. While neither is safe, marijuana (unlike cigarettes) has been proven to be a gateway drug to others like coke or heroine.

Answer by Streetbiketommy
The goverment covers up the untaxable product by claiming it is worse than tobbacco. WRONG bud raises ur immunities to cancer and isnt a killer like stogies

The Truth About Heroin – UK documentary – The Truth About Heroin – UK documentary actual title is “Drug Laws Don’t Work: The Phoney War: (Dispatches), by Nick Davies 2001.

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