Doing a Psychology Project on Heroin.. Need Help..?

Question by Shyanne: Doing a Psychology project on Heroin.. Need help..?
So, for psychology we’re in the drug unit and my teacher assigned us a project.
My project is on Heroin.
I need to know like what kind of a state heroin puts you in like is it kind of a dreamy state?
any other information you can provide about heroin wouldd be greatly appreciated.
Please help mee?

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Answer by Patrick
Heroin is 3,6-diacetyl ester of morphine. Derived from the opium poppy, heroin is an opioid analgesic used to treat severe pain.
Depending on the route of administration, the onset of euphoria from a dose of heroin varies. I will relate the experience from the intravenous injection ROA of what is commonly called “scrambled” due to it being heroin mixed with quinine and milk sugar.
While preparing the heroin in a small cooker with water, my mouth will become very wet. My whole body relaxes in anticipation of the relief that is coming.
After properly finding a vein, I push the plunger and, in about 8 seconds or so, an incredible sense of well-being washes over me. There is a sensation in my chest that feels like a thousand little fingers of warmth gently poking at me. There is a light head rush that accompanies it.
In a minute or two, that initial sense of warmth changes into a subtle feeling of happiness with a conscious acknowledgement that my pain has gone away. Depending on the quantity and quality, a slight itch will form on my forearms and shins. Again, depending, there can be a nod experienced also. It feels like becoming very sleepy very rapidly. Once I return from the nod, there is no feeling of how long I had been out.
The feeling that I USED to get when injecting is very similar to those “butterflies” that I would feel when my “first love” would look at me and smile, or touch me. The sensation of butterflies happens deep in the abdomin “mid-brain” and in the throat area just above one’s sternum. It does feel like love.
I affirmed USED to get as that feeling quickly goes away. I couldn’t ever get it to feel like the first time or two I used. Also, taking a break from it and coming back, say after 30 days or so, I could get a great rush again. It did not, however, last as long and the need to take another break comes more frequently.
I wouldn’t describe it as being “dreamy”. I would say that it is more like a happy, amorous feeling. There is also a slight boost in confidence. Not so much aggressive. Just strong in the feeling that everything is OK.
Everything that I mentioned pertains to the initial dozen occasions I used heroin cut with quinine ,lactose and H2O. These “feelings” devolve and decline rapidly. Please understand that the experience with heroin and addiction quickly turns very nasty, very rapidly.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any more insight on drugs, abuse, and recovery and management.

Be safe, stay education, have fun

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