“Facing the Habit” Documentary Film Trailer

Heroin Addiction: “Facing the Habit” Documentary Film Trailer

NYC Screening: December 16 2007, 7pm @ Two Boots Pioneer Theater 155 E. 3rd St. (betw. Avenues A & B) NY, NY 10009 FREE! After-party at JULEP follows. Produced by Magnolia Martin, Miles Forman, Jennifer Piston Award-winning documentary FACING THE HABIT (Director, Magnolia Martin) tells the story of Dave, a former stockbroker whose life has spiraled out of control due to his heroin addiction. In his desperate quest to become clean, Dave agrees to undergo treatment with ibogaine, an experimental substance derived from the West African root Iboga, which has recently been reported to cure drug addiction. FACING THE HABIT is an intimate look into the life of the addict, as Dave’s life is revealed before, during, and after the treatment.

Heroin Addiction: Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband jailed
Wednesday 22nd June 2011, 3:00PM BST. The ex-husband of singer Amy Winehouse has been jailed for 32 months for carrying out a domestic burglary with an accomplice “while in the grip of heroin addiction”.
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Heroin Addiction: Waterfowl hunt at Magee canceled by project
An extensive restoration and enhancement project at the Magee Marsh Wildlife Area will necessitate cancellation of the area’s controlled waterfowl hunt for the 2011-12 season.
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15 Responses to ““Facing the Habit” Documentary Film Trailer”

  • kc1964kc:

    i wonder what ashley died of, i assume od?

  • fuzztanks:

    @EyeJustSkateboard It’s not addictive.

  • mdcombs79:

    I found the CURE for addiction and? I have proof for this claim. Click on my name and witness Powerful Stories of Freedom. I personally know and have witnessed over 100 addicts who have found True and Lasting FREEDOM after being enslaved by their addictions for so long. I have been through many programs for my addiction, but have never found so much Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love than I have in the program I am in now. And the people I know who have given their stories are experiencing the same!

  • EyeJustSkateboard:

    I was addicted to heroin… now i’m addicted to ibogaine.


    @jeffbrak Right the fuck on,dude. Respect. If there wasnt some form of drug abused by society the world would be a very empty place if you ask me. I reckon 99% of people use some form of drug as escapism whether its chocolate cake (yes,chocolate is a drug), wine (deffo a drug!) or magic mushrooms (fungi) we all alter our consciousness to make the world more bareable on a daily basis, some more than others.


    @BrokenRRT Bro,Im an ecologist n I believe in evolution & there is a reason for everything in nature and I also believe there is a medicine/cure 4 everything which can be derived from plants that we havent discovered yet..There4,I believe evolution creates these powerful substances for a reason. I am also of pagan beliefs which also leads me to think that benefits can be had from many potentially deadly plants.Foxgloves r poisonous for eg. but can stop heart attacks due to a digitalis alkaloid

  • NMWMN:

    @jeffbrak meditate, join a Sangha and leave the consumerism behind… if you think you can hack it!

  • jeffbrak:

    @NMWMN Correction: Recreational drugs are used to temporarily escape the drudgery and outright pointlessness of life in this unfulfilling, spiritually empty, dronish culture of consumerism.

  • Eatmybologna:

    @NMWMN What the fuck are you talking about?

  • NMWMN:

    @Eatmybologna RECREATIONAL DRUGS ARE BIOLOGICAL WARFARE… what else do you need to know? The biochemical implications are as yet unknown. the risk alone is so high, even without calculating the results. are you understanding?

  • Eatmybologna:

    @NMWMN Fuck are you talking about?

  • NMWMN:

    @Eatmybologna … any research on the connection between recreational drugs, cancer and mental health is also good advice dipshit.

  • Eatmybologna:

    @NMWMN Obviously you haven’t taken psychedelics. Ive seen everything from Zombie Jesus to Aliens. They all give good advice.

  • NMWMN:

    0.48 – I saw Adam and Eve… ha ha ha your even more lost than you thought you were. LOL

  • joeyb649:

    Thanks for the tip bro I only checked out Humbert so far… and some of theese bands aren’t bad at all.. I like um in fact.