Heroin Addiction: Poison Was the Cure by Megadeth ~ Rockband 2 DLC for 02/09, Expert Bass/Drums 98/99 SR 5GS

Heroin Addiction: Poison Was the Cure by Megadeth ~ Rockband 2 DLC for 02/09, Expert Bass/Drums 98/99 SR 5GS

Rockband 2 DLC for Week 02/09/2010 ~ Megadeth “Rust in Peace” full album Poison Was the Cure is the 5th track from Rust in Peace, the fourth studio album by American heavy metal band Megadeth. It was released by Capitol Records in 1990. A remixed and remastered version, featuring several bonus tracks, was released in 2004. A limited edition 180 Gram LP using the original mix was issued in the US in 2008 by Capitol Records. This is the only remastered version of the original mix currently available. This song is a reflection of Dave Mustaine’s former heroin addiction. The title is analogous to methadone, a narcotic often used in treating heroin addiction. In theory, doses of methadone will substitute those of heroin and can gradually be decreased until the patient is free of his addiction. Often, however, the patient’s methadone addiction will simply replace his heroin addiction. Another interpretation is that when Mustaine first turned to drugs, his life was not going very well and he was looking for a cure. Drugs were the temporary cure but turned out to be poison. The solo for this song is the first solo that Marty recorded for the album after joining the band. The song is very technical, and among the fastest of Megadeth’s catalogue, thus forming an integral part of Rust in Peace’s composition. However, much to fans’ disappointment, it has never been performed live. Special thanks to CPURules for filling in on bass this week. Genre: Metal Difficulty

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