‘His Life Deserves to Stand for Something’ – Portsmouth News

Heroin Addiction: ‘His life deserves to stand for something’ – Portsmouth News

Portsmouth News

'His life deserves to stand for something'
Portsmouth News
After fighting heroin addiction, Jim didn't know he'd have another battle to face. He was clean from the drugs and on the verge of marrying Kerry when he was diagnosed with hepatitis C. If detected early enough, the virus can be treated and the patient

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Heroin Addiction: Peterborough’s most wanted: Six years in jail for prolific thief – Peterborough Today

Peterborough Today

Peterborough's most wanted: Six years in jail for prolific thief
Peterborough Today
When he was arrested he admitted the crimes and said he had a heroin addiction. Mr Goodier said Ellis had a large number of convictions, including in 2004 when he was convicted of a burglary in Wisbech and 12 offences were taken into consideration.

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Heroin Addiction: Just Say Know

Winner, The Other Venice Film Festival 2005 Just Say Know: This profoundly personal artistic achievement follows filmmaker Tao Ruspoli’s family as they explore their individual relationships to heroin and opium addiction. The film stars Prince Dado Ruspoli, Tao’s father, eccentric Italian aristocrat known for inspiring Fellini’s Dolce Vita, his close friendship with artists like Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau, and for his years 45 years of Opium addiction. Read Dado’s obituary, which includes mention of Just Say Know in the Manchester Guardian: (printed below) The film also stars Debra Berger, Tao’s mother, star of Marcel Carne’s Marvelous Visit. Debra lived with Dado and smoked opium with him for 10 years before moving to the United States and becoming a sculptor, an interior designer, and a clandestine heroin addict. Finally, the film stars Bartolomeo Ruspoli, Tao’s wild and eccentric younger brother who is married to Aileen Getty, 20 year his senior and heiress to the Getty fortune. Bartolomeo has struggled with Heroin and other drug addictions for most of his life. He is interviewed in the film while attempting to kick heroin. Shot on two continents, this film brilliantly weaves together three generations of use, addiction, and recovery with a poetic sense of affirmation and joy and none of the self-pity so typical of this genre. 30 minutes “I feel I am on solid ground with an artist who is willing to take chances, to reveal what it is like to be
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Heroin Addiction: Salt appetite is linked to drug addiction, research finds
A team of U.S. and Australian scientists has found that addictive drugs may have hijacked the same nerve cells and connections in the brain that serve a powerful, ancient instinct: the appetite for salt.
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15 Responses to “‘His Life Deserves to Stand for Something’ – Portsmouth News”


    is this what alphanumeric was referring to by the shirts saying just say know

  • xoaliishaax3:

    just say “no” ?

  • DrMickaelleDougherty:

    “If you find self-reform too hard
    In spite of your intense desire
    For lack of firmness to discard
    The habits that stink of the mire,
    There is no reason to despair,
    Try what you can time and again,
    Beseech your Maker to repair
    The faults and you in strength will gain.”
    From Part II of ACCELERATING BRAIN EVOLUTION on my channel.

  • playstationpod:

    u can overdose on opium -.-

  • LordBendah:

    I am an opium addict myself.. Not quite sure what he means by the “ritual”

    Perhaps Dado is referring to the act of smoking opium itself..

    I agree with him 100%, and will take opium over all other opiates.

    That was a beautiful pipe btw.

  • maximon2:

    The inclusion of ritual in whatever one does in life enhances the experience to a whole other level: Ritual adds dignity and grace to the act of living.

    Dado was a magician of ritual…

  • wickedjonny20:


  • splicegraph:

    I just posted all 5 parts of this film, hope that’s cool? I really think it’s one of the most touching and personal drug theme film out there, one that doesn’t look for sympathy through war stories. It has a celebration of life outlook!

  • poleske:

    I think you have to take into account that these people are rather wealthy. Opium in and of itself is not that damaging, much of the damage comes from impurities. I think smoking opium is better for old people. If you are young than it is a waste of time.

  • poleske:

    Dado Ruspoli has fucking class

  • beeb1421:

    the 10 years i smoked opium were more exciting and greater than the next 30 i will spend in mediocraty.
    it increased my creativity but killed my motivation!

  • lbcanibus:

    why the fuck do people personify drugs? drugs are drugs, that’s it. i’ve done damn near everything and not once have i ever done that. they’re drugs.

  • PoisonLilly:

    Also, the man seems perfectly sane…And he has that something: sparkle in his eyes, like joy of life… He is normal. So opium, if they use it reasonably, is not a bad thing. But the woman seemed hazy, there is great difference betweem opium and heroin, heroin gets more to your brain and there are halluzinations etc…

  • babygurly914:

    some dysfunctional family

  • kart600:

    feel just the same. I would like to know if thats true; 45 years smoking “o”??? and when he was going to tell whow the film ends. anyone knows where i can download the movie?