Home Remidies for Herion Withdawl?

Question by fashionladyy8: home remidies for herion withdawl?
i am addicted to herion, i am only 20 and i have my whole life ahead of me . i feel like i want to kill myself . i cant even buy my mom a christmas present because my money is all wasted away. i want to get clean and i need some suggestions what would help the withdrawl symptoms . i cant do detox or suboxin no insurance and no money, does anyone have any home remidies for the withdrawl?

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Answer by Supernovea
I’m sorry hon but I think you should check into a rehab clinic. They have a chemical (I think it is called methadone) that will minimize your symptoms. There is no way to make a simple home remedy that will do so much…unless you can stop cold turkey which is probably really hard for an addictive drug.

Answer by cowboydoc
I just went “cold turkey” myself. My doctor almost crapped. He said I could have damaged myself or even died. He said to get clean, see your doctor, tell them the problem then ask for help. There are places that will help without payment. It’s paid through insurance, the state or a company.
Your young, to young to get into this mess. I also took my daughter off the streets for meth use. She was a beautiful blond of 18 that weighted 125 pounds, she weighted 80 pounds when we found her and was actually dying. A four month court half way house took her two years to complete. She’s been clean now for over five years. She’s back to her 130 now and just sparkling.

There are people that care, go for it now while you want to, don’t give up.

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