How Do I Quit Smoking?

You ask ‘How do I quit smoking?” By far the most effective method is ‘Cold Turkey’
Once you have made the decision to quit smoking – you should do it now – start quitting cigarettes today. You should not waste your time and energy trying to cut down a little at a time. Even using cigarette substitutes like nicotine patches or nicotine gum are drawn out procedures during which you may change your mind. The only way to achieve your goal of quitting smoking is by going ‘cold turkey’.

 Well, it may not be the only way to get out of your nicotine addiction but it certainly has the best rate of success. It has been demonstrated that the majority of people who have successfully quit smoking did it by going cold turkey.

Some people have managed to quit using nicotine replacement therapy or NRT, but what they have, in effect done, is they have just prolonged the process. NRTs will eliminate most of the thousands of chemicals that are in your cigarette smoke, but will still keep introducing nicotine into your body. This means that your body is going through two processes over a longer period of time. If you quit smoking cold turkey, this takes the nicotine and all those other chemicals out of your body in a relatively short time. Sure, you will probably suffer some uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, but you will know that this will only last for a few weeks: Using NRTs as a stepping stone to quitting is merely substituting one drug for another, like a heroin addict using methadone to try to kick his habit.

Those who do quit smoking through the use of NRTs have just had to go through a much longer drawn-out process, which is allowing your nicotine addiction to control both the method and outcome.

 It is really necessary to think of the quitting process as the start of a healthier lifestyle for you, rather than the loss of a part of your life. Thinking positively and looking forward to a new ‘you’, with fresher breath, with whiter teeth, and with clean smelling clothes, as well as a much healthier body, will provide you with the incentive you need to quit. Quitting smoking cold turkey will prove to be much easier if you approach it in this frame of mind.

Nicotine is a drug, like cocaine and heroin.  The ‘high’ you get from smoking cigarettes is from dopamine, the same chemical which produces the high from alcohol or heroin. So, yes – you will experience withdrawal symptoms while quitting smoking cold turkey, but there are aids, supports and systems to help you deal with these symptoms and guide you through more easily.

 Quitting smoking cold turkey does not have to be a huge struggle for you; if you tackle it in the right frame of mind and you use the right methods of dealing with any withdrawal symptoms you should be able to start to quit smoking today and succeed in achieving your goal.

Here is what you need to know about how to quit smoking: How Do I Quit Smoking

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