Is My Body Missing Something Dietwise, or Do I Just Have a Super Bad Eating Habit?

Question by uknowitstrue: Is my body missing something dietwise, or do I just have a super bad eating habit?
EVERY night for a number of years I crave sugar before bed. Not like juice or anything, it has to be like nibs, chocolate bars, skittles … that kind of stuff
I’ve tried to cut it out but it never works.
I literally Can not sleep without candy.
and not just a little. Like a whole bag of skittles etc.
Is my body telling me I’m low in blood sugar, or that somethings missing, or is this just a mental thing that I Can overcome… if it is, how do I do that? I’ve tried going a week without any candy, and was up until 7 in the morning every time because I just wasn’t tired at night (then I would get up for a bit, go to the couch or something, lay there from 7-8 and then I could sleep (I’ve tried sleeping elsewhere at night, without sugar to see if it was just somehow my room, but I was still up til 7)
Can sugar somehow have the opposite effect on me than it normally does? or is this just a really weird and bad habit?

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Answer by wordup
Youtube “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” it will answer a ton of your questions. Sugar is believed to be addictive, the same addiction as Cocaine. The reason is the chemical response is produces in your brain, it stimulates the same patterns as Heroin and Cocaine. Not yet scientifically proven, but there is a ton of research pointing too it. That could explain your “addiction” to have it every night.

Also something very important to understand about Sugar is how it raises your Insulin levels. Carbs have the same effect and both should be taken in moderation. And yes I mean ALL CARBS, even Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, Vegetables and Fruit. Fruit contains Fructose which has the same effect as the refined sugars we have today, but not as high (I will explain later). Insulin is the key to weight gain. CARBS directly effect your Insulin levels in your body and Insulin stores fat. Throw everything you believe today about Health and Exercise and think about this for a sec.

The American Heart Association founded in 1915 was the catalyst of our now “High Grain (Carbs)” Low Fat diet which we struggle to live today. This is a completely wrong way of eating and could be possible for the many illnesses and diseases we suffer from today. Our society has been deemed the most unhealthiest society to every exist, yet we are the most health concerned society with more gyms at every corner. YET its obviously not working, if you keep punishing your child over and over a certain way and the behavior is not changing, then maybe its time to find another way.

There are 2 main things you need to keep in mind. The longer your body takes to break something down, the lower it will raise your Insulin. Since Insulin store’s fat and you eat sugary things then you are telling your body to store the fat, now what happens when you raise your Insulin levels to high? You store more fat preventing your body from releasing it as more energy for your cells to use and burn up. Then while your Insulin is high (which can last 3 to 4 hours after eating your last meal) you eat more carbs and sugars, you guessed it. You tell your body to keep storing. When Insulin is present it will prevent your body from releasing storage as fuel. Then what happens when you keep this pattern up for too long. Then you become “Insulin Resistant” which is where the true danger comes. When you become Insulin resistant your body will produce more Insulin thinking it needs more because your cells no longer respond to the Insulin thats in your body. Thats where type 2 Diabetes comes in.

The key is to lower your Insulin levels by eating foods that reduce Insulin production in your body. Things like (meats, cheeses, fat, leafy greens and fruit in moderation) Vegetables, Greens and Fruit are Complex carbs so your body takes longer to break down, BUT still needs to be in moderation. If you are going to have carbs always practice having them with either a ton of fiber or protein in the same meal. Much like having a beer on an empty stomach as apposed to a fuel stomach. One will have more of an effect than the other. STAY AWAY from refined sugars PERIOD!! (Candy, Pop Tarts, Donuts, Cake, etc…) You get the picture.

Study about Insulin in your body and what it does. If food you eat does not raise your Insulin then your body is going to burn everything you eat right off, for instance (Protein, Fat and Cheese) not all cheese especially processed.

Just think about how people lived in the past. We ate Butter, Meat, Fat, Dairy and when the weather permitted Fruit and Veggies when in season. Now we live in a society that can provide us food every year, all year at any time.

So dont ask yourself “How many calories does this have”, ask yourself “How high is my Insulin going to go from eating this” make that effort every time you put anything in your mouth and watch the pounds MELT OFF. Your body will return to its normal levels. Carbs and Sugars in moderation, everything else eat all you want. Eat when your hungry and stop when your not. 2 basic rules that can change your life.

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