My Fiance Was Talking About Drugs in His Sleep. Should I Be Worried?

Question by brittany: my fiance was talking about drugs in his sleep. should i be worried?
In the middle of the night, my fiance turned over and said and i quote, “yeah just for some heroin, man!” and i looked at him and said, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? and he quickly jumped to the defense and told me it was nothing, and went back to sleep. he has a history of drugs, and i’m the only thing stopping him from it because he knows he will lose me. was it just a dream? or is he thinking about it? should i be worried or upset with him?

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Answer by Morgue
If he stopped recently like total cold turkey i would watch him and i mean WATCH HIM!!!!!!!!!! also if he says it was nothing and he looks like he means it and sounds like he means it don’t question him but watch him now and them and see if he is giving off signs.

Answer by Jennifer
You should be worried, but not for the reason you think. Your fiance needs to stay clean for his own personal gain, not for anyone else. I strongly suggest that you urge your fiance to go to drug therapy and intensive counseling. Dreams are something that nobody can control and you can’t get mad at him for something he can’t control, but you should be very wary that you’re the one little thread he’s hanging on by and that can be a lot of stress on you in the long run. If you leave him, he’ll relapse and that is not a statement you ever want to hear in a relationship. It sounds like he’s just trading an addiction to drugs for an addiction to you and dependency of any kind is not good for the dependent person or the person being depended on. If your fiance loves you and if you love yourself, you won’t put so much pressure on you to keep him clean. If he wants to be clean, he’ll be clean. If he doesn’t, you can’t keep him from using and you’ll just torture yourself over it when he inevitably does relapse.