Paris Hilton on 'Good Time,' Her Favorite Rappers and Her Reputation in Music

Paris Hilton On 'Good Time,' Her Favorite Rappers And Her Reputation In Music
But there's always room for something new as well: On "Come Walk With Me," MIA spends half the track sing-songing her way through anti-party messages before flipping the record on its head with a thumping beat. Always fun, right? … Elton John – The …
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Thigh Gap Worries? Maybe Take a Break from Social Media
They're getting the same mixed message from their peers as they're getting from the media: Thigh gap is coveted. Thigh gap is unhealthy. Mainstream media, like TIME, proclaims thigh gap … There are Pinterest boards for thigh gap, and Tumblr blogs for …
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Will Glee's Tribute to Cory Monteith Romanticize Addiction?
Heroin users who die from overdose either asphyxiate on their own vomit–triggered when the body attempts to repel the toxic substance–or, because heroin suppresses respiration, their breathing slows and eventually stops and they basically suffocate. It …
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